Beyond Photos – 10 Stunning Wedding Keepsakes

Old wedding photo

Photos and video are very important ways to capture your wedding day memories, but if you are looking for something that will become a cherished family heirloom, check out the ideas below. You could do these ideas right after your wedding or they would make amazing anniversary gifts. Click on the images below to take you to the websites, Etsy shops or Pinterest pages where the items can be found.

1. Turn your bouquet flowers into a bracelet at

2. Use unity glass instead of sand and have a beautiful vase made by


3. Take lace from your dress and make a necklace. How awesome of a gift would it be to give to your daughter on her wedding day.

4. Everyone does an invitation shadow box, why not eat cheese off of yours. But before your invitations are turned in to a cheese tray you need some that are creative and personalized. You can find just what you need by contacting Alisha at Dream Media Designs.


5. Have funky art made from your photos. This is actually Jim and I. We had this done in honor of our 10 year anniversary (this year). It was awesomely created by Jason Fennell. Check out his website at


6. Have your photo and vows (or words of “your song”) printed into a piece of art.

7. Put your photos on a ViewMaster. Every time someone comes to your house they will be looked at, guaranteed!


8. Have a Christmas tree ornament of your cake made by Aberrant Ornaments.


9. Have your cake server made in to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Check out Sunshyne Silverwear.


10. Make sound wave art from your “I Dos”. How cool is that!

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