10 Things to Never Forget on Your Wedding Day

stressed-bride5We have been to a lot, a lot, a lot of weddings and it seems these same things are forgotten over and over and over again.

  1. Scissors You’ll need these to remove hanger straps, tags and little string from your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. I’ve seen MOBs and MOHs in a clutch using tiny nail clippers or their teeth. And I’ve seen sooooo much time is wasted waiting for someone to get some from the hotel lobby.
  2. A Cute hanger Your dress is gorgeous, but it’s hanging on the green plastic hanger it came on from the dress shop. You may want some for your bridesmaids dresses too, but at the very least get one for yourself for the photos and video.

  3. Crochet hook and/or Tweezers This may not apply to everyone, but if you have a dress with buttons with loops, it is an essential time saver. You may even want two. That way someone can start buttoning at the top and someone else at the bottom.

  4. Phone charger I’ve seen brides and grooms leave these at home, in the hotel room and in the limo. Then some poor sap that’s not vital in the wedding (but close enough to boss around) has to got track it down.

  5. Pens/Markers for the guestbook (thumbprint tree, message in a bottle, advice rocks, or whatever ingeniously creative way you have for your guest to sign in 🙂 If you forget them you have a bunch of random pens (most don’t work) that were dug out of the venue coordinator’s desk.

  6. Marriage License Without it you may be married in the eye’s of God, but not New York State. Technically, if the Officiant performs the wedding ceremony without a valid marriage license they have committed a misdemeanor. It’s a huge, huge pain having to try and get one after your commitment ceremony (you didn’t get married yet).

  7. Rings Remembering the rings saves someone from having to drive like a crazy person back to your hotel/home and drive back even crazier before your ceremony ends.

  8. Cake Knife Most venues have these, but not all. We have actually filmed a couple cutting their huge, beautiful, fondant covered cake with a butter knife (and this was at a pretty high end venue).

  9. Letter/Gift for your bride or groom First, if you are expecting a letter or gift please make sure your significant other knows about this. It’s a little awkward when the bride sends a long romantic letter to her groom and gets back “Love you see you soon.” in pencil and on hotel stationary. Second, remember to get the gift you are giving from under your bed, in your closet, some other secret spot and bring it with you. If you don’t it results  in the above mentioned poor sap having to go get it.

  10. Check tux fit –  Ideally, the groom and groomsmen should do this before the tux leaves the shop and not an hour before the wedding. We have seen so many groomsmen wearing tuxes that are skin tight or 4 times too big. While they’re at it they should also check to make sure all the pieces that should go with it are there (tie, cuff links, buttons, suspenders, etc). This will prevent a grown man from having to steal the ring bearers tiny tie.

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