What’s your story?

WE LOVE STORIES! We love to read, watch films and constantly learn about better ways to tell stories. Because we believe stories are important. They challenge, inspire and impact us. They connect us. They’re powerful. They’re timeless. What does storytelling have to do with a wedding video though? I mean it’s just a wedding video, right?

Not to us. We believe everyone has a good story. You didn’t just show up and say, “Hey, I’m going to marry this good looking stranger today.” There were people, places and events that shaped your story long before that. A good wedding video isn’t about just capturing an event but discovering what lead you here. That’s the heart of everything we do and why we love wedding videography.

Whether we are the right fit for you or not, we urge you to not just hire a wedding videographer. Hire someone that will look for the stories that make up your day and weave them into something beautiful. Hire a storyteller. Because you deserve more than just an event videographer on a tripod, you deserve your story to be well told.

“Having Fruit Tree Studios film our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. My husband and I are not from the Upstate New York area, so we weren’t able to meet personally before our wedding. However, Jim and Joy made sure everything was ready to go. They sent us multiple questionnaires to get to know us personally as a couple. On the actual day, Jim and Jory made everything feel natural and comfortable. The finished product was beyond anything I could have expected. It was absolutely stunning.” – Kay-Kay & Fili


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We’re located in Rochester, NY and have family and friends all over the country but are always looking for an opportunity to travel to new destinations (Hawaii please).

So if you have a destination wedding, like our work and are getting married please contact us to see if your date is available. In the end we always love an adventure but it’s not the destination of the wedding that makes the adventure it’s the stories that are discovered.