So how does this wedding videography thing work?

It’s pretty simple really. We encourage you to watch our films and compare them to our competitors to see if our style is right for you. If you like our style then contact us to see if your date is available. If it is we’ll send you a link with our availability for you to schedule a meeting or phone call with us.

During that call / meeting you’ll share your story, learn what we offer, get access to our longer films (feature & documentary) and decide if we would be a good fit (it’s important all of our couples are).

If we both feel we are a good fit and you are ready to start the booking process, then we’ll send a contract / payment page that you can use to instantly reserve your date online (flexible payment plan options are available and we provide a money back guarantee with every wedding we film.)

If we’re not a good fit for any reason then we’ll send you recommendations that may be a better fit for your budget, style or vision of your day (no pressure).

Most couples generally know if we are a good fit or not pretty quickly but if you are undecided after this then we encourage you to stalk us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest), and stay up to date on our latest stories as you make your decision.

What happens after we’ve booked our wedding videographers?

We start our storytelling brains churning about your wedding and begin piecing together the best way to tell that story. Over the course of the time between when you first put down a deposit and the day of your wedding we’ll also send you some questionnaires (so we can begin looking for the right licensed music for your film) and get a feel for who you are) As we get closer to the wedding we’ll also schedule a face-to-face meeting or facetime (so we can get to know you even further before your big day and dig in deeper).

All of this may seem a little obsessive but it’s our goal that by getting to know our couples on a deeper level we’ll be better prepared to tell a story that reflects who they truly are and in the end that is the most important thing of all.

What happens on our wedding day?

We’ll have a plan in place for how we want to tell your story and show up with cameras and equipment raring to go. At the beginning of the day we split up (when there are two of us) and cover the bride and groom as they get ready then come back together for the ceremony (or first look) and then split up again for cocktails and photos before we come back together for the rest of the night.

You’ll obviously notice us in the early morning when there is generally only a handful of people in the room but after that one of the biggest compliments we get from brides and groom was they forgot we were even there. At least we think it’s a compliment.

All in all we may have some ideas and suggestions throughout the day and hide a microphone on you in the earlier parts, but generally we try not to overly pose our couples as it can come off inauthentic on video, plus we want you to enjoy that day as much as possible (smiles are better than frowns).

What happens after we’re married?

Well when two people love each other. Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves. Seriously though, you will go on your honeymoon and we’ll go back to our editing cave where we will pour over footage, audio, notes and storyboards, to begin editing your film. Sometimes this can take as long as six months, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

It’s done! It’s done! We love it! Now what? Will you be our best friends forever?

Probably one of the best parts of this job is getting the feedback after the film is completed. It’s hard not to be moved by people who are thankful and excited about the work you’ve done. If you want to leave us a review, we are very thankful and welcome any site you choose, though we enjoy Google or Facebook the most.

A close second is staying updated on the lives of the couples we’ve been blessed to work with and watching their adventures on Instagram or seeing their families grow on Facebook, and knowing we were a small part of the start of that marriage. So yes, of course we want to stay friends. In fact if we haven’t found you on social media already then please follow us asap so we can follow back.

Still have questions for us that we didn’t answer? Or want to learn more?

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