A Little Guide to Your Big Day

If you’re like most people, you’re not used to being followed around by cameras all day. You will want your wedding film / photos to be awesome, but how do you that? We get asked all the time by couples, “What can we do?” Honestly, the best way to make sure your wedding film or photos are awesome is to relax and have a good time. But how do you relax? Good question. Here’s five tips to help you enjoy your wedding day and end up with a film and photos that rock, instead of coming off like Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein.

5 – Meet with your filmmaker or photographer beforehand.

Today you can learn a lot about someone by talking with them on the phone and being friends on Facebook but there is still no better way to get to know someone than meeting face to face. On the day of your wedding you’re going to be too busy to get to know your filmmakers and they won’t be talking a lot because they don’t want their voices on your film. That’s why it’s so important to meet beforehand over lunch or coffee. That one hour of conversation can go a long way. Knowing the person behind the camera translates to you being more at ease and comfortable in your film and photos.

4 – Be rude. Ignore us. Pretend we’re not there.

It’s our job to think of good shots, not yours. Even though we blend into the background, sometimes a couple can still get caught up in the what should we do attitude. You know what you should do? Nothing. Seriously, worrying about what shots we might need takes you out of the moment. If we need something, we’ll let you know but typically our best stuff is when you forget about us. If you find yourself fixating on us, a good rule of thumb is to find something else to focus your attention on. There’s a lot going on, on your wedding day, so that shouldn’t be hard. You’ll want to listen for the photographers directions during photo time, but don’t be afraid to get lost in the moment with each other either. Here’s a secret, some of the best photos are when you forget about the photographer too.

3 – Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Have fun. Enjoy yourselves. Authenticity is key and the best wedding films are when couples aren’t afraid to be themselves. Having a unique activity planned or being willing to let your sense of humor out can go a lot farther than getting caught up in being the perfect bride and groom. Perfectionism is impossible and those couples that understand that and are willing to embrace it, come off the most authentic and always make the best stories in the end. It also helps to loosen yourselves up and realize what’s truly important, enjoying your big day. (Plus don’t forget we edit this. If you do something that is out of place, it definitely won’t make it into the final film. So have fun.)

2 – Look at each other.

It’s the day of your wedding, don’t be afraid to look into each other’s eyes and get lost in them. Even without a filmmaker present there is that tendency to get nervous because you are the center of attention that day. So you might look around the room or eye the photographer or look down at the floor. When you find yourself doing this try to center yourself and look into the eyes of your bride or groom. Maybe you’ll kiss, maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you are sharing that moment together. Throughout the day don’t be afraid to get lost in each other’s eyes. Here’s another secret, that’s what people come to weddings for. Those little moments that you share with each other are glimpses into your love and your future ahead.

1 – Spend time together! Dance!

There’s going to be a good amount of people at your wedding. Even if you only invite a few people your attention will be pulled in a lot of different directions on your wedding day. Feel free to talk to your wedding guests and give them attention but you also have to realize you have only a limited amount of time. Going around to tables can eat up a lot of time, if you really, really, really need to say hi to everyone a receiving line can be far more efficient and ensure you have time together at the end of the night to dance or just be together and reflect on the day behind you. These moments at the end of the night are also some of our favorite of the whole day and are a great way to round out the story of your love.

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