How to Make your Wedding LEGENDARY

food-truck1When people think of your wedding day they’ll remember your stunning beauty, your touching vows and your choreographed dance, but what about your mouth watering pork-n-mac grilled cheese? That’s right pork and mac grilled cheese (Cue Homer Simpson gurgle sound effect). Oh, you disagree? Okay, just hear me out.

When people look back on a wedding it’s often the little things they don’t expect that stand out to them. The unique details and moments of the day. As a wedding filmmaker I can tell you that some of the biggest smiles on your guest’s faces are when they notice these details. Especially when it comes to food. It’s just the way we’re wired. Food makes people happy. Then what better way to go out on a high note than a Food Truck from Jimmy Z’s or Lugia’s Ice Cream . For some reason, people get so excited over a hot dog or burrito when they are dressed up in a suit or fancy dress. Maybe because we’re all children at heart and we feel like we are getting away with something.

Whatever it is, a late night snack is always a hit. So when you are planning your wedding and you want it to go down in the annals of history. The food truck at the end of the night just might be that thing that pushes your special day over the edge from amazing to LEGEN… wait-for-it… DARY.

Wondering what kind of Food Trucks there are in Rochester, NY? Check out Where That Food Truck. It has a lot of the local food trucks and even where they are at the moment for you to do some pre-wedding taste testing. A few of our other favorite’s are Lloyd Taco Truck if you’re in Buffalo, NY and the Sugary Delights Cotton Candy Cart.



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